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 MHR Designs, Inc. Was started in 1990, by Marie Rudolph while working and designing costume jewelry for family and friends. In late 1991 the business was becoming so popular that we opened our first retail store. Which is currently still going strong.

           Here at MHR Designs, we create beautiful award jewelry for National Sales Directors and Directors to present to their people for work performance.

MHR Designs sells to customers that need unique costume jewelry pieces, we also ship to all 50 states and over 16 countries.

In 2015, we became a co-branding partner with Swarovski. We design beautiful one of a kind jewelry embellished with crystals from Swarovski® for TV personalities, local, state and national pageant contestants and to anyone who has a desire for an exquisite piece of costume jewelry.

 MHR Designs continues to grow while providing quality products and exceptional service.

Thank You,

Marie Rudolph

MHR Designs, Inc.

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